What is Wellness Focused Policing?

Wellness Focused Policing is a people focused policing strategy to promote wellness within law-enforcement first, and then to spread that sense of care, and focus on well-being, outwardly to the people served by the police.

This is not a quick fix, “flavor of the month” or a band-aid solution but rather a long-term commitment to developing the comprehensive health and well-being of both law enforcement professionals AND the people they serve.

Current news reports are increasingly rife with stories about communities clashing with their police departments about excessive force and police misconduct.  At the same time, law enforcement agencies are concerned with PTSD, police officer suicides, increased incidence of illnesses amongst police officers, lower than normal life expectancy, depression, domestic violence, alcohol and drug abuse and ethical compromise.

All these problems stem from the same root causes: A career in law enforcement presents challenges to the human spirit, and the pressures of the career deplete officers in a way that is unique to law enforcement.  Every officer experiences endless exposure to danger, stress and tragedy, which depletes their reserves of idealism, motivation and personal resilience.

Positive, professional, skill sets are crucial for a fully functioning law enforcement officer, but unfortunately, due to a lack of training, law enforcement officers do not necessarily possess the habits and skills that they need to stay resilient and effective.

Wellness Focused Policing is a comprehensive wellness and resilience building process which incorporates nine critical areas of wellness under one strategy: Why is wellness important?; Building individual resilience; Building agency support systems; Building a positive wellness oriented organizational culture; Promoting organizational health with wellness leadership and support for leaders; and Promoting community engagement by building trust both within the law enforcement agency and between that agency and the community.

The purpose of Wellness Focused Policing is on the WELLNESS OF PEOPLE and starts within a law enforcement agency and works its way outwardly to build community health and wellness.

When the focus is upon the well-being of ALL people – law enforcement wellness and resilience become much more manageable and policing becomes much more professional.

Wellness Focused Policing is a Process – It’s mostly a change in attitudes and focus

Wellness Focused Policing is a Strategy – which challenges many problems with people-focused solutions

Wellness Focused Policing is a Practice – created for a specific community and improved upon daily

Wellness Focused Policing is a Movement – created and improved by like-minded people and organizations

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The Law Enforcement Survival Institute (LESI) is an assessment, consulting and training organization. We work with law-enforcement professionals and other first responders, and their organizations, to help them be at their best. Our focus is on PEOPLE and their wellness and resilience. We collaborate to develop healthy people, agencies and healthy communities!

We believe: If we don’t take care of our people, they won’t be able to take care of THE PEOPLE!

We also believe that wellness and resilience are symbiotic systems made up of several critical parts that must work in tandem in order for the whole to be effective.  We help you reduce your “Blind-Spots”.

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