The world needs healthy cops! The world EXPECTS healthy cops and yet current news reports are increasingly rife with stories about communities clashing with their police departments accused of excessive force and police misconduct.

At the same time, law enforcement agencies are concerned with staffing shortages, officer PTSD, police officer suicides, increased incidence of illnesses amongst police officers, lower than normal life expectancy, depression, domestic violence, alcohol and drug abuse and ethical compromise.

All these problems stem from the same root causes: A career in law enforcement presents challenges to its people physically, mentally, emotionally as well as spiritually in a way that is unique to our profession.

Wellness Focused Policing

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What is the condition of your officers

At the Law Enforcement Survival Institute we believe that a laser focus on improving the health and wellness of our people is the best solution to all of these problems.

Why? Because we believe that resilient people make better decisions, are more professional and capable of compassion and are better public servants. They also lead happy and fulfilling lives, supported by strong social connections and are kinder and more charitable.

These are the traits we want in our personnel. We work very hard to ensure these traits are inherent in the people we hire, but what are we doing to nurture and sustain those traits?

This Special Report goes into more detail about these issues and makes our case for changing your agency priorities to a Wellness Focused Policing process.

Wellness Focused Policing is a comprehensive wellness and resilience building process which incorporates five critical areas of wellness under one strategy: Building individual resilience; Building agency support systems; Building a positive wellness oriented organizational culture; Promoting organizational health with wellness leadership; and Promoting community engagement by building trust both within the law enforcement agency and between that agency and the community.

This is not a quick fix, “flavor of the month” or a band-aid solution but rather a long-term commitment to developing the comprehensive health and well-being of both law enforcement professionals AND the people they serve.

We can help you implement a wellness focused policing initiative or we also offer the materials for you to do it yourself.

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